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Also known as "SEO"

On-site Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation, Also known as "SEO"

There are 2 types of search engine optimisation methods that need to be done which are key areas in search engine optimisation.

The first method is Onsite Search Engine Optimisation, which sets the foundation to all good search engine campaigns.

To achieve the best results, we first study the keywords you are wanting to use by researching your competitors who are top of Google, for the keywords you are wanting results in! Depending on how in-depth you are wanting to delve into the on-site search engine optimisation, first we will make sure your websites coding is search engine friendly and if not we will rectify this. We will then search engine optimise the title, keywords and description metatags and once that is done we will start making your content optimised to achieve the optimal results!

finalises all good search engine campaigns

Off-site Search Engine Optimisation

The second method is Off-site search engine optimisation which finalises all good search engine campaigns

Again depending on how advanced you are wanting to delve into this part of the campaign, we will start by getting high-quality links driving at your website from relevant websites so that this enhances your domain authority which is set by search engines!

If your website has not already been submitted to all major search engines we will start this process, we will also code an XML sitemap and submit it to all the search engines.

At this point, we will start with other methods like submitting your website to directories like Dmoz, Yahoo among others and submitting high-quality handwritten articles to blogs, directories and news websites.

We have had great success in our search engine campaigns in the past 3 years! If you would like to be one of these successes please contact us and we would be glad to offer our services and make your company more successful.