Terms & Conditions

1. Copyrights

All content within this website is copyrighted to UBL Designs and only to UBL Designs unless given permission to use.

2. Freebies Licenses

All Freebies are available to download free of charge and free to use on personal or commercial use but if copyright is present then it must stay within the final product and must not be removed.

If there is no copyright within the free files then an acknowledgement is needed, with a link to our site somewhere on your finished creation.

3. Premium Themes & Plugin Support

By using our support centre/main website you agree that our support is only voluntary and not compulsory. We have the rights to refuse support without reason and with no notice.

You also give us the right to suspend or ban your account for any reason without notice.

Support is for bugs only, any free customisation requestions may be rejected, support may be given at our discretion.

If you do want customisation we can offer for a fee.

You AGREE to sign up to our newsletter which will be sent to you once in a blue moon for either bug releases, theme updates or new items released.

You are free to opt out at any time by clicking on the link within the newsletter.

We will not give your personal information to any 3rd party companies, it will only stay with us.

4. Freebies Usage Rights

All our freebies are available for both personal and commercial use.

If copyright or designed by is present and states UBL Designs, then this must stay as is, failing to do this, is a breach of our consent for use which means you will be in breach of copyright.

If copyright or designed by is not present then a link back to the site with recognition to UBL Designs must be present.

No theme is available for sale!

All plugins/scripts must be an add on and not sold as is.

5. Tutorial Usage Rights

You may use our tutorials for commercial usage but only if credit is given and with a link back to our tutorial in which you used.